Marine Events Centre

Harbour Construction was successful in securing the carpentry works for this iconic Auckland Waterfront project. In depth planning has been required to ensure this work is completed to very tight timeframes and to the standards acceptable to the project architect.

The roof structure is a major part of the work where 14 trusses, 40m long and 8m in diameter have been sheathed with two layers of plywood fixed to a tight radius over timber purlins and on a steel diagrid frame. All of these trusses have had the carpentry works completed on the ground prior to being lifted into place. Each truss consists of approximately 1,000 man hours and completed on a 5 day cycle.

Additional carpentry works consist of shaped James Hardie soffits, extensive external and internal framing, huge external deck areas framed in timber and covered in composite decking and specialist finishes incorporating western red cedar throughout the building.